New Home Construction Financing

new home construction financing st louis home builder st louis home construction new home builderPhase 2: New Home Construction Financing Pre-approval

Once we have learned more about your needs and timeline, it is time to begin planning your project in more detail. If you intend to finance any or all of your new home’s construction, you will need a formal prequalification letter from a lender stating the amount you are qualified to borrow for your construction loan. We happily provide you with a list of lenders we have worked with that understand the industry and offer financing packages for new construction.

The prequalification process may take a few days or a few weeks, depending on the lender. Typically, prequalification requires you to verify your income, employment, and any money saved for your project.

Next Steps

Step 3: New Home Construction Timeline & Phasing
Step 4: Design Process
Step 5: Construction Process